Have you ever been concerned with losing or misplacing your ring? Or just wanted a convenient way to store it?

We did and we gave wedding ring protection a lot of thought. We knew common ring holders, like ring dishes, were not really safe and certainly not convenient for the kitchen or the gym.

So we thought...

Lets make a ring holder that is magnetic, convenient to use, and legitimately protects our wedding rings.

How it started...

We made a trip to a local hardware store and forged our initial prototype. From there, we worked to perfect the design for manufacture and the end consumer.

The end product...

The Blingnet is a plastic piece that will magnetize to different magnetic surfaces. It is small; approximately 2 inches in height. Its patented design accommodates both men's and women's rings. The rings slide on with ease and remain safely contained until removed and placed back on the users finger. Blingnets are made in Peoria, AZ.

Our name says it all the blingnet is literally a magnet for your bling!

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